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                     Why Scoop?

familyLet’s face it; 40% of American households own a dog, so pet waste is an issue that every responsible dog owner is dealing with but doesn’t like to talk about.  But then again, there isn’t much of a discussion.  We think it’s safe to conclude that picking up your dog’s poop isn’t exactly your favorite thing to do (and surely not conversation-worthy). The mere thought of performing this stinky chore is enough to disgust most people.

Give yourself   more time   to enjoy your   family and pet.


But hey, maybe you can manage this unpleasant task; but, do you really havethe time for this “crap?”  It is known that the average dog drops at least 2 – 3 piles of “doo” a day.  So, for people with lives to enjoy and way more exciting things to do, this could mean picking up over 20 doo piles a week, or 80 in a month.  Again this is just for 1 dog.  We aren’t claiming to be mathematicians, but those figures can easily multiply if you have several dogs.   Needless to say, the handling of your pet’s waste can be a very unpleasant task and a physically cumbersome “doody” for you and your family.  The fact is, approximately 5000 tons (that’s 10,000,000 pounds) of pet waste is deposited everyday in the US.  At the end of the day, who wants to help lift this stinky load?  Unfortunately, it has to be done because the accumulation of dog waste can pose dangerous health risks.


Accumulated dog waste   can be a health hazard.

The physical and mental inconvenience of appropriately handling dog waste is surpassed in importance by the health threats that dog waste can impose on your family, pet, and community.  There are several very serious health diseases/infections that can be transmitted to dogs and people via dog feces.  These include, but are not limited to, giardiasis, roundworms, hookworms, E. coli, salmonella, and parvovirus. Read more about some of these risks in our Doggie Doo Health Risks section.


boyWhen infected dog feces are left on the ground, the eggs of intestinal parasites (hookworms,roundworms, etc.) can linger in the soil for a long time, where they can infect humans and dogs.  Thus if anyone comes in contact with the soil, they can possibly become infected with a serious health condition.  Remember, children and dogs are not the only ones that come in contact with soil.  For example, maybe you frequently play with your family in your yard or maybe you’re an avid gardener.  Whatever the case may be, if you sometimes go Enjoy your yard again. outdoors where dogs roam, you will occasionally be near dog feces, which makes you susceptible to health dangers.  This thought alone can make you a prisoner in your own home.  If you are, in fact, afraid to enjoy your yard because of the presence of dog feces, then you are certainly wasting one of your biggest financial investments.

Dog waste   always attract   disease-carrying pest.Dog waste always increases the presence of flies and other pests like fleas and ticks that aid in the transmission of certain diseases.  Case in point:  Flies will sometimes consume feces and/or lay eggs in it.  These are possibly the same flies that can come into you home, pause on you countertops and food, and thereby spread diseases.



Do your   environment   a favor.

Storm water can carry dog waste directly into waterways, where it can contaminate drinking water and disrupt the underground wildlife ecosystem.  How?  Not only does dog waste add harmful bacteria to the water system (as if that’s not enough), it can also add organic matter such as nitrogen to the water system.  When dog waste decays in the water system, this decaying process (of the organic matter in the feces) depletes the level of oxygen in the water.  And as nature has it, that oxygen happens to be essential for healthy underwater grasses, wildlife, and fish.


 Ok, ok.   Sum this “crap” up, right?

The bottom line is, if you let dog waste accumulate on your property it will:

  • Create offensive odors and harmful bacteria growth
  • Attract disease-carrying pest (like flies, fleas, and ticks)
  • Endanger the health of your family and your pets
  • Eventually offend neighbors and visitors
  • Pollute the ground water, and
  • Ruin the appearance of your property
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